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Science through the lens of agriculture

The PLANT Foundation launched Farm Academy to create a connection between the science and technology of agriculture and the science and technology of everyday life for kids. This relationship allows students to think critically about agricultural issues. Farm Academy programs lead to a future where students understand the natural science of food production and see opportunities in agricultural careers, becoming the innovators of tomorrow to solve the problems facing farming.

Technology as a tool

Farm Academy utilizes technology based educational tools including interactive video conference and streaming videos. These programs meet the needs of teachers in a rapidly changing tech-focused classroom environment. Our programs are designed to meet science standards for grades K-8.




Farm Academy Live


Farm Academy TV


Farm Academy STEM

Farm Academy Live Impact

Virtual field trips to farms using live interactive video conference technology.

100,000 students

33 states

4 countries


Inspiring future generations of agriculture innovators by teaching them science today


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Get involved

As a non-profit organization, we depend on the generosity of our donors to sustain existing programming and bring new ones to life. Help us grow!


For PLANT Foundation to be successful, we rely on the time and talents of diverse individuals that specialize in agriculture, education and technology.