Farm Academy Programs


Farm Academy Live

Farm Academy Live provides virtual field trips to farms using interactive video conference technology. These 30 to 40 tours teach plant and animal science while meeting national science standards. The experience is made interactive by offering hands on activities to the students like ginning cotton by hand and mixing a feed ration for a dairy cow.

Farm Academy TV

Farm Academy TV is a safe place for students, teachers, and parents to find videos about science and agriculture. These videos have been screened for content and are appropriate for children of all ages perfect for home or school. Farm Academy TV is designed to enrich student’s understanding of the natural world and food system through scientific inquiry.

Farm Academy STEM

Currently underdevelopment, Farm Academy STEM is creating engaging science based activities designed to get kids off their devices and get dirty. From scientific experiments, food systems exploration, and hands on opportunities with raw agricultural products, kids will make the connection between agriculture, technology, and real life using all their senses.