About Us


From the Executive Director

-Elizabeth Giannini

To be successful in a global economy, children must become fluent in the technologies that are revolutionizing their lives. Using modern educational practices, the PLANT Foundation helps kids explore science through agricultural principles. This connection is designed to ignite a passion for science in areas most central to the child’s life: food, agriculture, and the environment.

As technology transforms the farming industry, demand for highly skilled professionals in areas of engineering and other sciences increases. Exposing students to science through principles of farming at an early age encourages them to consider future careers in agriculture. The PLANT Foundation recognizes that agriculture is faced with immense challenges. The industry needs the problem solvers of tomorrow to understand how their daily lives relate to agriculture so they can become part of a the solution.

To address these challenges The PLANT Foundation created Farm Academy, a series of programs designed to facilitate science-based learning directly into classrooms using technology as the mode to connect and agriculture as the platform driving the discussion.

Since 2009 over 100,000 students across 33 states and 4 countries have participated in a Farm Academy Live video conference learning about dairy or cotton. Although wildly successful, we know more students can be reached. After dozens of conversations with parents, teachers, and administrations we recognize a need for a robust library of on-demand digital content to be viewed in school and at home.

We live in a time when children often explore their natural curiosity through digital platforms such as YouTube and Google searches. Our goal is to become a trusted source for quality content about the farming industry based on scientific principles, sustainable practices, healthy habits, and real life connections using language and images relatable to kids.

I invite you to join us on this journey. Join a committee, engage in content development, introduce farm academy programs to your local schools, host an social, donate. Our vision is big, we need a community of innovations to make it happen. We need YOU! 


Board of Directors


Dino Giacomazzi, Chairman

F & D Giacomazzi Farms


Michael Miya, Treasurer

Miya Farms, Inc.


Helen Sullivan, Secretary

Sullivan Farming, Inc.


Emily Rooney

Agricultural Council of California, President


Manuel Soares

MILC Group, Inc., CEO